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More DJ Flyers

So back when I had my weekly dj gig, I would throw together a flyer design every single week (usually during my lunch break). This would mainly involve scanning or pulling an existing image from some source, making it extra silly, cleaning it up, doing a fitting font & text treatment, and then emailing it with a description of the event.

This was before Facebook and Gmail and probably Moses, so you whippersnappers don’t know how easy you got it. Now git off mai bermuda grass!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these, and those who were there, I hope you enjoy the trips down memory lane. =)


DJ Flyers medley #1

DJ Flyers medley #2

DJ Flyers medley #3

DJ Flyers medley #4

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Halloween Throwdown flyers

As a second part to my Halloween-themed posts, here are the flyers for all four years of our Halloween party.
Good times!

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I know I know. It’s been a while and I am boring. Work work work.

So in honor of my favorite holiday, here is a random collection of costumes that I have made for myself and for others over the years. Sorry that the photos are so crappy. Some of these images are the only record that I have. Besides, I took soooo more pleasure from actually making these than I ever will from reliving the memories.

Hope you enjoy them!

Costumes part 1

Costumes part 2

Costumes part 3

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NRDC’s “Energy Efficiency at Home”

I recently developed a simple interactive Flash piece for the NRDC showing energy consumption in the home. Most of the artwork came from a stock vector that they had sent me, and I just modified it for their needs. I did create a few items, the video game system for example.

NRDC's "Energy Efficiency at Home" interactive Flash tool

Click on the image to view the interactive Flash piece on the site.

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Video Player for

Recently I designed the video player (and some general interface work) for the existing site. The project was done with a couple of good friends of mine Omar and Ben. I did the design work, they handled everything else. video player

Video player (click on the image to see the actual player on the SteveMaddenMusic site) artist archive

Artist Archive (click on the image to see the archive on the SteveMaddenMusic site)

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Advertising Spotlight for

Advertising Spotlight for

Design and Art Direction by
Animation and Development by me!

I just recently finished a programmatically animated (I admit that I like typing that) advertising spotlight for Basically they make all types of banner and interactive advertisements for their clients’ websites, and they wanted a quick animated piece to show off all of them.


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Flash Site for Chandler Chicco Agency Advertising

CCA Advertising web site

Design and Art Direction by Carolyn Gargano.
Animation and Development by me!

Back in October & November (2007), I worked on an all-Flash site for Chandler Chicco Agency Advertising. I technically worked as a freelancer for the supercool kats at ‘Nition Design, but I worked solely with the folks at CCA Advertising. It was about a 2 month project and unfortunately during that period, CCA Advertising was dissolved and the project was scrapped. So what we have here is about a 90% finished product. It has some bugs and it is a bit clunky in spots, but I still think it shows some of my skills in the areas of animation and even coding. So there ya go.


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Nexium “What Heals You” microsite/pitch for Saatchi Healthcare

Designed by Ryan Smith and Sarah Ferguson.
Developed by me!

I developed a microsite/pitch for the folks at Saatchi Healthcare. Supposedly the bosses liked it a lot. Not sure what the status of it is yet. It wasn’t meant to be delivered online, but you have broadband and it has a preloader. So…


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Jazz Anew Email Compostion (first of many)

Jazz Anew email composition

I took part in three dj events in one week, so I created this email flyer for them all.

DISCLAIMER: EACH and EVERY Thursday (for well over 3 years), I created some sort of quick Photoshop graphic to promote my Jazz Anew dj night (usually made during my lunch break). The basic idea was to borrow a sample image from somewhere and then change it and create a pretty neato email flyer. I made certain to manipulate the images enough so that it became an entirely new piece of artwork.

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Interactive “Savings Calculator” for Net32


Here is an interactive Savings Calculator that I made for It’s pretty straightforward little widget with very simple math to it.

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