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Jazz Anew Email Compostion (first of many)

Jazz Anew email composition

I took part in three dj events in one week, so I created this email flyer for them all.

DISCLAIMER: EACH and EVERY Thursday (for well over 3 years), I created some sort of quick Photoshop graphic to promote my Jazz Anew dj night (usually made during my lunch break). The basic idea was to borrow a sample image from somewhere and then change it and create a pretty neato email flyer. I made certain to manipulate the images enough so that it became an entirely new piece of artwork.

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Interactive “Savings Calculator” for Net32


Here is an interactive Savings Calculator that I made for It’s pretty straightforward little widget with very simple math to it.

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Leslie Hall – Blame the Booty (Ninja Science Laboratories “bottom heavy” remix)

My friend Omar and I have started making rump-shakin’ music together under the name Ninja Science Laboratories. Our first remix was for the fantastic Leslie Hall’s “Blame the Booty”. We actually got some exposure thanks to the cool kats at Boing Boing.

My humble studio

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Flyers for the ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

Here are some quick flyers that I made for a NC dj collective known as ERECTRO/LOCK (get it?… Electro/Rock, spoonerism, hilarity, et cetera). A lot of this stuff gets made super-quick because there is never enough time to design it proper (and is done as a free favor), but they are ALWAYS fun.

Designer not responsible for crude or inappropriate dj names.

Flyers for ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

Flyers for ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

Flyers for ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

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Coal Graphic for NRDC site

Coal Graphic for NRDC site

This was a project where I was asked to create a composite Photoshop graphic using stock art for the Natural Resources Defense Council. There was only a couple of days to crank this one out, so it is not as elaborate as it could have been. Still, it was a fun project and they are a great client to work for as well.

The above image was my final version that I sent to them. The image below is a screenshot take from the parody site.

The NRDC site is and it is a parody of this site.

Screenshot taken from the actual NRDC site

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