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Flash Site for Chandler Chicco Agency Advertising

CCA Advertising web site

Design and Art Direction by Carolyn Gargano.
Animation and Development by me!

Back in October & November (2007), I worked on an all-Flash site for Chandler Chicco Agency Advertising. I technically worked as a freelancer for the supercool kats at ‘Nition Design, but I worked solely with the folks at CCA Advertising. It was about a 2 month project and unfortunately during that period, CCA Advertising was dissolved and the project was scrapped. So what we have here is about a 90% finished product. It has some bugs and it is a bit clunky in spots, but I still think it shows some of my skills in the areas of animation and even coding. So there ya go.


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Nexium “What Heals You” microsite/pitch for Saatchi Healthcare

Designed by Ryan Smith and Sarah Ferguson.
Developed by me!

I developed a microsite/pitch for the folks at Saatchi Healthcare. Supposedly the bosses liked it a lot. Not sure what the status of it is yet. It wasn’t meant to be delivered online, but you have broadband and it has a preloader. So…


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What am I saying? as visualized by Wordle is a neat little Java applet that takes text (from your web site or wherever) and creates a hierarchical text cloud image out of it. You gotta copy/paste your text, but that is better anyway. For example, I wanted to remove items like “Categories” and “Comments” since they are just part of the WordPress theme dingle-dangle. Check it out for yourself!

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