Advertising Spotlight for

Advertising Spotlight for

Design and Art Direction by
Animation and Development by me!

I just recently finished a programmatically animated (I admit that I like typing that) advertising spotlight for Basically they make all types of banner and interactive advertisements for their clients’ websites, and they wanted a quick animated piece to show off all of them.


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Nexium “What Heals You” microsite/pitch for Saatchi Healthcare

Designed by Ryan Smith and Sarah Ferguson.
Developed by me!

I developed a microsite/pitch for the folks at Saatchi Healthcare. Supposedly the bosses liked it a lot. Not sure what the status of it is yet. It wasn’t meant to be delivered online, but you have broadband and it has a preloader. So…


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What am I saying? as visualized by Wordle is a neat little Java applet that takes text (from your web site or wherever) and creates a hierarchical text cloud image out of it. You gotta copy/paste your text, but that is better anyway. For example, I wanted to remove items like “Categories” and “Comments” since they are just part of the WordPress theme dingle-dangle. Check it out for yourself!

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Leslie Hall – Blame the Booty (Ninja Science Laboratories “bottom heavy” remix)

My friend Omar and I have started making rump-shakin’ music together under the name Ninja Science Laboratories. Our first remix was for the fantastic Leslie Hall’s “Blame the Booty”. We actually got some exposure thanks to the cool kats at Boing Boing.

My humble studio

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Coal Graphic for NRDC site

Coal Graphic for NRDC site

This was a project where I was asked to create a composite Photoshop graphic using stock art for the Natural Resources Defense Council. There was only a couple of days to crank this one out, so it is not as elaborate as it could have been. Still, it was a fun project and they are a great client to work for as well.

The above image was my final version that I sent to them. The image below is a screenshot take from the parody site.

The NRDC site is and it is a parody of this site.

Screenshot taken from the actual NRDC site

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