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So back when I had my weekly dj gig, I would throw together a flyer design every single week (usually during my lunch break). This would mainly involve scanning or pulling an existing image from some source, making it extra silly, cleaning it up, doing a fitting font & text treatment, and then emailing it with a description of the event.

This was before Facebook and Gmail and probably Moses, so you whippersnappers don’t know how easy you got it. Now git off mai bermuda grass!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these, and those who were there, I hope you enjoy the trips down memory lane. =)


DJ Flyers medley #1

DJ Flyers medley #2

DJ Flyers medley #3

DJ Flyers medley #4

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Halloween Throwdown flyers

As a second part to my Halloween-themed posts, here are the flyers for all four years of our Halloween party.
Good times!

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Video Player for

Recently I designed the video player (and some general interface work) for the existing site. The project was done with a couple of good friends of mine Omar and Ben. I did the design work, they handled everything else. video player

Video player (click on the image to see the actual player on the SteveMaddenMusic site) artist archive

Artist Archive (click on the image to see the archive on the SteveMaddenMusic site)

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Jazz Anew Email Compostion (first of many)

Jazz Anew email composition

I took part in three dj events in one week, so I created this email flyer for them all.

DISCLAIMER: EACH and EVERY Thursday (for well over 3 years), I created some sort of quick Photoshop graphic to promote my Jazz Anew dj night (usually made during my lunch break). The basic idea was to borrow a sample image from somewhere and then change it and create a pretty neato email flyer. I made certain to manipulate the images enough so that it became an entirely new piece of artwork.

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Flyers for the ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

Here are some quick flyers that I made for a NC dj collective known as ERECTRO/LOCK (get it?… Electro/Rock, spoonerism, hilarity, et cetera). A lot of this stuff gets made super-quick because there is never enough time to design it proper (and is done as a free favor), but they are ALWAYS fun.

Designer not responsible for crude or inappropriate dj names.

Flyers for ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

Flyers for ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

Flyers for ERECTRO/LOCK dj collective

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Coal Graphic for NRDC site

Coal Graphic for NRDC site

This was a project where I was asked to create a composite Photoshop graphic using stock art for the Natural Resources Defense Council. There was only a couple of days to crank this one out, so it is not as elaborate as it could have been. Still, it was a fun project and they are a great client to work for as well.

The above image was my final version that I sent to them. The image below is a screenshot take from the parody site.

The NRDC site is and it is a parody of this site.

Screenshot taken from the actual NRDC site

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Flyer for the Jazz Anew 2nd Anniversary event

Flyer design for the Jazz Anew 2nd Anniversary party

This is a flyer I made to celebrate the 2nd year of Jazz Anew (a weekly dance party dedicated to jazzy-electronic music in all it’s many wonderful forms).

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Future Defunct: my Kenzo Minami homage/rip-off

In 2003 (like most graphic design nerds) I became obsessed with Kenzo Minami’s work. His gratuitously excessive vector designs are totally my bag. So I wanted to see what I could come up with while attempting his style of piece. I remember it took a good while to complete, but it was still a lot of fun. It was all created in Flash, because I really wanted to animate it eventually. There is just never enough time.

Check out his site, and be sure to keep a towel close by to wipe up your drool.

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S6 Insignia and remorse for Export Controlled portfolio pieces

So for the past 2 years I have worked as a Multimedia Specialist for RTI International in the Digital Solutions department. The job was really spectacular, I worked with a super-talented team of folks. In those 2 years, we worked on basically 3 projects (to give you an idea of the scope of the projects).

Some of my tasks included Graphic User Interface design, simulating software apps and operating systems with Flash, prepping Flash components to function inside the 3D simulation environment, creating 2D mock-ups of potential tools within the sim, as well as tons of various graphic design tasks.

The down side: all of that work was very protected government property. So don’t expect to ever see anything here. Just trust me it was the best professional work of my life, and you DEFINITELY want to hire me full-time based upon that. =)

So anyway, here is one of only a couple of things that I can show off (and even this may bring about a C&D letter). This is a vector drawing of the S6 Signal Corps insignia created for RTI International.

S6 Signal Corps insignia for RTI International

This was created in Flash, because it is to later be used in a Flash environment. For extra fun (and because I desire your pity), below are the two source images that I used to make my version.

Examples of poor source material for creating my S6 insignia

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Large printed banner for Mustang car show panoramics

Printed banner used to sell panoramics at Mustang car show

I know it seems all “meta” and stuff, but this was a printed banner used to sell panoramic printed banners at Mustang car show. The client needed a sample banner that also acted as a sign used at the car shows.

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