NRDC’s “Energy Efficiency at Home”

I recently developed a simple interactive Flash piece for the NRDC showing energy consumption in the home. Most of the artwork came from a stock vector that they had sent me, and I just modified it for their needs. I did create a few items, the video game system for example.

NRDC's "Energy Efficiency at Home" interactive Flash tool

Click on the image to view the interactive Flash piece on the site.

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Coal Graphic for NRDC site

Coal Graphic for NRDC site

This was a project where I was asked to create a composite Photoshop graphic using stock art for the Natural Resources Defense Council. There was only a couple of days to crank this one out, so it is not as elaborate as it could have been. Still, it was a fun project and they are a great client to work for as well.

The above image was my final version that I sent to them. The image below is a screenshot take from the parody site.

The NRDC site is and it is a parody of this site.

Screenshot taken from the actual NRDC site

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Animated honeybee for National Resources Defense Council

This is an animated bee that I created for the NRDC. The actual page can be found here.

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