What am I saying?

Rattmouth.com as visualized by Wordle Wordle.net is a neat little Java applet that takes text (from your web site or wherever) and creates a hierarchical text cloud image out of it. You gotta copy/paste your text, but that is better anyway. For example, I wanted to remove items like “Categories” and “Comments” since they are just part of the WordPress theme dingle-dangle. Check it out for yourself!

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Made it!

So I am here in New York City now. As you can see the site has been re-skinned (with a few small tweaks still left to go). But it is well on it’s way at this point.

I’ll have the Portfolio online over the next few days.

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Coming Soon!

Allright. The resume is all finished, so now it is time to get this site up and running. The first step to fixing this place up will be to re-skin this WordPress theme, add some Flash to it for “pizzazz”, and then get as many examples of my work up as humanly possible. Unfortunately I have a great deal of proprietary and government classified materials that I cannot show. But I will try to get up what I can (which will be plenty regardless).

The reason for the sudden site revamp is that I am moving to New York at the beginning of August. This will be the first time in many MANY years that I will need to show off my portfolio to potential employers. Should be a lot of fun to actually go back through 8 1/2 years of creations and pick out the best examples.

So keep your eye on this page. I am aiming for having a rough version online by mid July.


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